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What will the year 2016 bring to Craft Beer?

I have been thinking about this industry and the events that are taking place for some time now....more than just the casual observance.  There are some very significant events that will take place I believe this year in the US, as well as the Sacramento market that we service.  The craft space will grow indeed, but it will continue to be diluted by the numerous products that come to market....some great, some good, and some mediocre.  I hope to bring the highest quality and diverse selection for all retailers to build out their craft beer programs.  I want to balance out selections of the top local brands with the best of the best from the regional brands.  We have come a long way since we started this craft venture in 2010, and if its is  1 thing I do know, 2016 will be a unbelievably exciting year for Mussetter Distributing & the Sacramento area!

Stay tuned!