Sacramento Local Craft Beer & Cider

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The Sacramento area's most knowledgeable craft beer and cider distributor!  From Sacramento to Lake Tahoe, Mussetter Distributing will take care of your craft beer needs with local, regional, and national craft beer brands that will definitely suit your assortment needs. 

It started as a dream by a young, hard-working individual named Rich Mussetter. The year was 1976. Rich and his wife, Kim, sold everything they owned in order to start "Mussetter Distributing" as a 2-person operation in Auburn, Ca. Rich had always wanted to run his own business, although he would be the first one to tell you that it required more time, diligence, and dedication than he had ever imagined! Nevertheless, through hard work, excellent customer service, and great employees, Mussetter Distributing came to be a top distributor for Miller Brewing, Corona, Heineken, Sam Adams and other brands they had represented over the years.....

Fast forward to 2010...the industry had changed...a move towards "mega-distributors" selling millions of cases is all the focus of the "Mainstream Brand" beer suppliers. It was time to make a change, a change that would lead Mussetter Distributing into the next generation of providing their customers with memorable service, engaged employees, and profitable products that would add value to each and every business!

Presently in the 2nd generation of leadership, Mussetter Distributing represents the most LOCAL CRAFT BEER & CIDER brands in the Greater Sacramento area as well as some of the top rated REGIONAL CRAFT beers & ciders in the region! An educated staff, an effort to educate the customers, and a will to be a huge proponent in this CRAFT BEER MOVEMENT makes for a great asset to your business! The team at Mussetter Distributing flat-out works harder, all in an effort to positively impact your business.

Jason Mussetter, the oldest of 3 siblings, also has a dream for Mussetter Distributing, and he has much incentive to make this run a locally-based & successful CRAFT BEER distributorship and provide the opportunity for his children to continue on in the family business just as he has. This new journey is upon us...the time is now to start selling CRAFT BEER...are you with us?